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Taratsa International Film Festival
Taratsa IFF takes place during the summer in Thessaloniki,
Thessaloniki, Greece
You Go Culture
An interactive online platform which aims at awarding substance to virtual tours
Athens, Greece
A celebration and a meeting of creativity
Thessaloniki, Greece
Spoudase Festival
The biggest education festival in the country organized by “Alfavita”
Athens, Greece
one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research
E-learning UoA
Online platform of Univerisity of Athens to provide online courses 
Athens, Greece
Deus Shop
Deus is an e-shop based in Zurich offering unique products created exclusively
Zurich, Switzerland
Sircle for Men
A series of natural self-care products for men
Thessaloniki, Greece
Design Map
A journey through items and services customized to each one of you
Thessaloniki, Greece
Aneme Cosmetics
A greek brand of natural cosmetics.
Athens, Greece
Art Projects
Move Festival
A festival full of dance and motion.
Thessaloniki, Greece
TES sa
A modern construction company that stands out for its long-term course
Serres, Greece
Abali Shop
A small shop in Preveza with big character.
Ropi Publications
An independent publishing house focusing in Science
Thessaloniki, Greece
Inspiration Ventures
Athens, Greece
Manhattan Vibes
Some of the nicest performed Jazz pieces in USA
New York, USA
Rusty Razors
Not just a barbershop. It's a barber crew!
Thessaloniki, Greece
Alma Kalma
Experimentation and workmanship create a different combination.
Thessaloniki, Greece
Zero Spaces
Αn original, educating online platform of the University of Athens and the UiΑ
Athens, Greece
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