Chapter 1

Once, a swarm of people said with one voice:
“- To the land of Shinar!”

Their goal was to reach knowledge. To reach God.

Clay turns into bricks. Bricks turn into levels. Levels turn into a tower.

And suddenly, He who was meant to be reached appeared.

Confusion. Din. Dust.

Today, no one can be heard at the land of Shinar.

All that's left is the mist of what was there -and never happened since.

A tower turned into dust.

A swarm turned into a rabble.

And the sound of the name Babel, echoing in solitude. Preaching to eternity.

That in order to speak, first, you must hear. Every single voice.

Chapter 2

For us, the Tower of Babel is not a fable or a simple story. Is an example.

To follow, deconstruct and recompose.

Because, to be honest, we have our differences.

We've come from different places, carrying different sets of images.

And yet, one day we got together, looked at each other, measured our strengths, and shouted with one voice:
“- Blind”.

Different dialects turned into a word.

With five -and sometimes even more- characters, from 3 different tribes.

Each character, as unique as his background. Each tribe, distinctive as its members.

For us, Blind is not a simple word. Is a bond.

Chapter 3

What about you?, What do you wanna say?

Not to us, but to your audience.

If you're not sure about it, don't worry. Just talk to us.

And we will listen. We will conceive. We will plan. We will suggest.

In case you might eavesdrop, chances are that what you will hear may seem incoherent or puzzling for the uninitiated.

What matters though is what you will be said at the end.

Because out there you might 've heard quite a lot.

But to see some results from 5 characters who call themselves Blind means a lot.

Picture yourself as a builder at the top of the Tower of Babel right before the end,

gazing at the land of Shinar up to the far end of the horizon.

Why didn't he stop before being stopped?

And most important, would he stop if he knew?

Chapter 1-3, in brief

In case you just skipped the 3 chapters of our narrative, allow us to give you its short version:
Blind is much more than an agency or a design firm. Its people -the in-house team along with its partners, associates, and collaborators- are elements which create something bigger than a mere sum of skills or specialties. By now, you have probably figured out that we tend to move beyond the ordinary, the cliché, the mundane. If you feel like avoiding all the aforementioned, you know where to find us.

The contact details are at the bottom of this page.

The Shinar Crew welcomes you!

we are waiting!

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