Seven Spot - After Holidays Campaign

After holidays campaign






ADMINE, Thessaloniki

Project description

Seven Spot - After Holidays Campaign

Seven Spots is one of the largest business chains in Greece. While well established as a movie rental shop and games, in recent years the chain Seven Spot has expanded sales of portable electronic devices and various gadgets, at highly competitive prices. In this context, there was a growing need to communicate this new service to a young audience. 



In cooperation with admine, we had to create a campaign for Seven Spots, based on the concept «back to town following the end of summer’s holidays"



We decided to create a fantastic product consisting of a survival kit including movies, games and gadeats; the idea was to equip customers with everything they needed after a long summer holidays to survive in the city. By causing a buzz around the virtual kits, we introduced customers the range of products that Seven Spots were offering to them through their network all over Greece.