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ROPI Publications

ROPI Publications is an independent publishing house in Thessaloniki, Greece, that focuses on the interplay between science and other disciplines, including philosophy, theology, and the arts. We plan to launch a series of titles that will explore scientific and technological advancements in an engaging way, as well as foster the discussion between different fields in an interdisciplinary fashion.



Create a new brand that on one hand will be popular to introduce this difficult subject to a youth audience and at the same time keep an academic background. Moreover, to distinguish the publishing house from other publishing houses specializing in one of the fields and show its interdisciplinary approach.  


Aware of these needs, we created a seesaw pattern that symbolizes the effort of science to balance with fields that traditionally are believe to be on the opposite side. At the same time we designed a dynamic site adopting the idea of seesaw in different ways for the various fields covered by ROPIs publication programme. 

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