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Zero Spaces

Zero Spaces is an original, educating online platform of the University of Athens and the Uia (international union of architects). It’s the first time that so many teachers and professionals are gathered in an online course about zero consumption design.



We were asked to figure out the name and the branding structure of the project, in a way that the idea of zero consumption would be pointed out.



We ended up with the name Zero Spaces because of the paradox that is involved. In addition, we came up with some taglines and mottos in order to enrich the concept through positive messages.
The design is based on the circle symbol because it usually  works as a signification for reusing. We developed this idea by designing multiple levels of circles, in order to stress the concept of space, the symbol of zero (0), and a grey site that gradually clears out. We adapted this multilayered concept either to the images that are used in the website, or throughout the structure of the website, trying to preserve a minimal style at the same time, so that the design trend would meet the principles of zero consumption.