Debt diaries

An academic project for understanding debt and mortgages as biopolitics


website design brand




University of Manchester Supervisor: Maria Kaika

Project description

The Debt diaries project  is a website that hosts feature stories of people affected by debt defaults. 



The challenge of this project was double: on one hand, there was the matter of visualizing and expressing in an effective way the essence of Debt Diaries, that is the stiffness of the economic and the bank system. On the other hand, it was equally necessary to find a communicational way to encourage people of similar problems to open up and share their troubles.


The result of our research and work was a friendly website, including a structure that favorites and enables the users to upload their stories. The design consists of a series of shredded bill papers with human features such as eyes and nose. That way, we approach the matter of the economic effects of the debt  to the everyday life of a person.